Bone Broth


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Firstly, a bit about gut health.

Your gut health is extremely important for maintaining overall health and well-being. The gut, also considered your body’s second brain, is connected to everything that happens in your body. It determines which nutrients are absorbed and which toxins, allergens and microbes are kept out.

Bone broth has amazing healing effects on the body. These include supporting the digestive and immune system, as well as reducing inflammation and providing the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants for optimal health. Bone broth is especially good for babies as it is high in minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, all in a form that is easy for the body to absorb and digest. Our broth simmers for many hours which breaks down cartilage, tendons and collagen, providing gelatin. Gelatin is wonderful for soothing the gestational tract and healing and sealing the gut.

Bone broth is also great for new Mum’s as along with many other benefits, it nourishes the adrenal gland (adrenal glands release hormones to the bloodstream), is deeply hydrating and thought to assist with milk supply.

To Serve

Babies (over 4 months) & children.

Thaw the frozen bone broth in the fridge, in a bowl over hot water, or add the required number of portions directly to your cooking.

Once your baby is used to the bone broth (1 – 2 weeks) you can increase the amount going into their food. Or they can drink it warmed up straight out of a cup.

Bone broth can be used instead of stock or other liquid when cooking your babies or children’s meals.


Thaw the bone broth in the fridge, or add required portions directly to your cooking.  The broth can be used in place of stock, or water in a recipe, or simply to add some extra goodness.

Or you can drink it straight! Warm a few mouthfuls up in a cup. Then gradually you can increase it up to drinking 1 – 2 cups a day. Be careful not to drink too much too soon as some people may find it clears out their system quickly!!

Once Thawed

Keep defrosted bone broth in your fridge for 3 days.


Water, chicken, carrot, celery, onion, apple cider vinegar, herbs & spices