My Story

The idea that ‘food is medicine’ has always been something that I have tried to live by, but when my family were struck down by a serious illness, I really started taking note of the crazy amounts of preservatives, salt, sugar, and other little menaces, that are hidden in our food. ‘Real’ food really is medicine, but it occurred to me that so much of the so-called food on our supermarket shelves is just not good for us.

That said, I have always been passionate about providing my babies with wholesome, homemade, organic food to nourish their growing bodies. But I know first hand that preparing food this way takes time that us Mums and Dads often have difficulty finding.

This is where Precious Belly comes in! We make nutritious meals for babies and toddlers, using the best organic and local WA ingredients,  just as you would make in your own kitchen, and conveniently deliver them to your door! We firmly believe in the importance of a healthy gut, so our lovingly handcrafted ‘bone broth’ has also been incorporated into many of our products to ensure happy tummies and healthy, little immune systems.

Let Precious Belly take care of meal times, so you can spend your time doing the stuff you love with those little people that you love the most.

  • Precious Belly love to support the local WA farming community and wherever possible source organic fresh produce and meats from local suppliers.
  • Precious Belly has been tested on the toughest of critics for taste and let’s face it, nothing beats a home cooked meal full of healthy organic produce cooked by mums.
  • Precious Belly creates organic baby food and bone broth conveniently packaged and locally sourced, to transport optimal nourishment straight to your children and families.

I hope you enjoy your meals as much as we enjoyed making them for you!