Precious Belly gets some help in the kitchen!

I wouldn’t say that I am an open book.  I rarely share personal details of my life with those outside of my closest circle. But the past year has been one of the toughest, and this month marks a bit of a milestone for me, and for Precious Belly, that I am so excited to share! Drum roll please… we have a new chef on-board! Eeekk!!!  Precious Belly is getting some help in the kitchen!

Like so many new small business owners I have learned that the juggle is indeed real! For the past 15 months, I have been doing everything from sourcing our beautiful produce, cooking, dishes, taking orders, packing orders, customer enquiries, deliveries, inventory, ordering stock, accounts, social media, the list goes on, and on.  Some say that small business is a labour of love, sometimes I wonder if I’m just crazy!

I am also first and foremost a Mum to two incredible but demanding little humans.  I made the decision to always put them first, and sometimes that is difficult, but I really do try to be present with them every day.  I have been working in my regular HR position that has helped to keep it all going, and I am a wife, to someone who was struck down with Parkinson’s Disease.  We never expected this would be our story in a million years, but here we are, and this year we’ve been through major brain surgery, a hundred hospital stays and different medications to get things working for him as best they can.  The surgery wasn’t a magic bullet, but after being unable to walk, or even roll over in bed, I would have to say that it was a success.  Some of you will have even met him recently doing deliveries.  He has been told on more than one occasion that he should probably stop drinking and grab a cab, so he was suitably concerned you would think that he was drunk, stumbling around your driveway with your babies meals.  I can’t say I didn’t hesitate, a drunk delivery person is not the best look for a baby food business, but I can assure you he is completely sober!  It is a journey we can only take one day at a time, but illness has a way of putting things into perspective and he is loving being out and about again…and I have been loving the help!

With whatever time I’ve had left, I’ve tried to spend it with my, simply awesome,  family and friends, or even take 5 for myself. I can honestly say I’ve never appreciated my own company more!

That said, the last year has been challenging, I have struggled, and there have been times I have had to dig deep to keep it together. But it has also been fun and exciting, and thick with lessons, like that without the resources available in large corporations like I am used to, making things happen in small business can take a really long time!  I know that it is still only the beginning of the road for Precious Belly, but to have reached this point where I will have an amazing chef helping in our kitchen, means everything.  It is a milestone I think is worth sharing, after all, aren’t these little milestones part of what it’s all about!

So thank-you to all of my wonderful customers, especially to some who have been on this journey with me from the beginning, your support has meant the world.   And thanks to all of the other gorgeous souls in my life who are always just there, even when I may have been a little less than sparkly.

There is so much more to do, but I’m so excited to share this with you, and for all that is still to come! Stay tuned for more exciting news soon! xx


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